Agrotechnical consultations regarding cannabis

Agrotechnical consultations regarding cultivating cannabis

We are building our reputation on the basis of our big professional experience in this area. We have a international team of growers with many years of experience in growing hemp in different countries. Our team is ready to give a helping hand in all of the phases of the growing process of your production . From preparing the crops , to the growing process , harvesting and drying ,to the processing of your production . To every client we give a personal contract with which we guarantee the quality of our work.

Everything is possible with the right consultation!

24h/7 presence of a professional grower
Program for fighting with pests , diseases and etc.
Weekly or monthly presence of a master grower
Technical suggestions for using the maximum capacity of your facility.
Consultation for the right choice of seeds from our list., depending on the conditions at your facility.
Individual plans for harvesting and drying.
Samples from the soil
Periodic analyses for THC,CBD and CBG
Leaf samples from the plants
A helping hand of giving trusted contacts for all of the activities at your facility.
Program for fertilizing
Processing and packaging of the ready production in Italy, Switzerland and North Macedonia.
Program for a rich and healthy soil.

Documentary consultations about the cultivation and selling of cannabis

In the world of the consultants our partners are two of the most professional consultant companies on the Balkans . For you needs and wishes will work a team of consultants with many praises in Bulgaria and different countries. You will get a professional and on-time solution to every problem that stands on your way. From our experience we know , that most of the producers forget and skip many important parts from their work and duties ,like producers of industrial hemp in front of different institutions. Because of this reason , we are offering you different types of solutions to your problems.


And they are:

Consultations when handing the documents for a permission to grow industrial hemp.
Preparing and translating of all documents for your production on the territory of the European Union, Switzerland and North Macedonia.
Weekly care for handing the documents and etc. to the institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Business plans
Preparing and translating documents for Export.