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Balkan Cannabis Seed and Consulting!

Balkan Cannabis Seed and Consulting LTD is created by symbiosis of experience, practice and approach.


As one of the first representatives of growing industrial hemp in the Balkans, for the years of work, as a team, we have had a great professional experience.


We offer products and services that meet the specific needs of each individual client.


The experience we have gained as a team helps us avoid possible errors and gaps in the work process and validated market positions. Our experts are highly prepared professionals, able to give you a solution in the most complicated situation!

Sale of cannabis seeds

We offer high quality and individual service:

Genetic selection of Swiss ultra-modern and contemporaneously selected cannabis seeds that meet the highest quality standards. As well as assistance and advice in purchasing other types of genetics from the European list.
24-hour presence of a specialized Grower, professionally treating your production.
And documentary

We offer high quality and individual service:

Documental contribution relating to all necessary documents on:

  • 1. Clearance
  • 2. Compliance with the industrial hemp regulation
  • 3. Completion of all types of consultations to the State authorities and the MSCG
  • 4. Попълване и подаване на всички необходими документи и уведомления за износ на готова продукция.
  • 5. Completion and submission of all necessary documents and notifications of export of ready-production.

24h/7days a week Agrotechnical consultation.

Specialized consultations for our clients and partners in industrial hemp. (The planning of the organisation is a process that starts with the analysis of the external and internal environment, at the site chosen by the cultivator client.)

Outbuying industrial hemp

We offer high quality and individual service:

Help processing industrial hemp abroad.

We have a wide range of partnership companies with different machines and equipment for the processing of industrial hemp and the production of final products. (Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Northern Macedonia.)

Our partners